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Vecenie Distributing Company
Master Distributor since 1933

140 North Ave. Pittsburgh, PA. 15209
Phone: (412) 821-4618
Fax: 412.821.2540



The year was 1933 and the great experiment ended in failure, prohibition was over and many breweries that struggled through thirteen years of producing candy, soda pop and near beer to survive could now return to brewing beer! As production restarted with breweries, delivery companies began to spring up in boroughs and towns to distribute kegs and cases to taverns and homes throughout their communities.
The Vecenie Family started one of these companies in Millvale, Pennsylvania in April of 1933, delivering local brews from Sharpsburg, Lawrenceville and even Millvale itself. Eighty years have passed since the first delivery from Vecenie's Distributing Company but some things have not changed. The main office is still located at 140 North Avenue, the address of the original distributorship and third generation Vecenie's still deliver Pittsburgh's local favorite - Iron City beer. We also are the exclusive area wholesaler for local breweries such as Straub and the East End Brewing Company. At the same time, beers from as far as Northern California, Munich Germany, Belgium and Russia are represented throughout the Western Pennsylvania area. Additional warehouse space has been added over the years, but the same goal remains - deliver good fresh product to those who enjoy it!


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